Touch Down on The Other Side of The World

It’s the 1st of January 2016: new year, new continent, new language, new culture. The chaos of a city that never sleeps. A city hemmed in by desert to the north, mountains to the south and ocean to the west. 10million people here are piled into an area half the size of London.

Welcome to Lima, Peru.

So after a slightly manic 5:30am start, with visas sorted just hours before and the New Year to celebrate, it was a relief to kick back and take to the air. 2 flights, a stopover in Miami, and 24 hours later I’ve arrived. Or I’m in South America at least… It turns out it’s a 36 hour bus ride to Riobamba City, Ecuador – where I’m headed.

Many have asked what’s the plan? To be honest I’m still trying to work that one out for myself… I’m here to learn, to work, to teach, to gain an insight into one of the worlds richest and most diverse cultures. Over the next couple days I’ll travel to Riobamba, a city almost 1200km away, nestled in the heart of the Andes.

So with camera in one hand, phrase book in the other… Here goes for the next few months!

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