El Niño Rey de Reyes

The fiesta of The King of Kings transforms the streets of Riobamba into a sea of colour. 1000’s of locals, the military, fire brigade, even alpacas parade through the streets in national dress and vivid Ecuadorean costume.


Celebrated on the 6th of January, this day long festival is the culmination of almost a months celebrating the coming of Christ. Visitors from afar pour into the town to participate in festivities and donate to a statue of the Baby Jesus (conveniently owned by the wealthy Mendoza family).


Dance, music, colour, inca tradition and Spanish influence are combined in an explosive display that reflects the diversity of Ecuadorean culture and the fervour of its people. From Amazonian tribes and Quechua mountain people to the seafaring villages of the west, all are represented.



4 thoughts on “El Niño Rey de Reyes

  1. Wow, what an adventure already!
    What’s it like having to make it up as you go along?
    Next time you’re wandering around a market enjoying lunch on the go, think of those who are kept nose down on the grindstone for days on end 😉 At least yours truly will be able to fully relax within a week, whereas you’ll still be trekking in the desert heat and sun, haha!
    How’s Spanish coming along? I know South American people sometime have a lot of difficulty understanding foreigners speaking Spanish if they were taught with the Madrid accent.
    Can’t wait for more!

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