New Friend

There’s a cockerel in the corner of my room. I’ve given him meat, water, half an avocado and some banana… He’s not taking any of it!

I think I’m meant to eat him, but I can’t really bring myself to do so, nor do I have anything to actually cook with.

He was a gift at a Carnaval celebration, they insisted I keep him… I couldn’t refuse. I didn’t know what to do, so I did the only sensible thing a man could do and brought him back to the hostel.

So here he is chilling at one end of the room, making his mess as I try to keep things clean. I thought it was all ok but at 5:30am the Cockerol crows. I jump out of bed – freaking out – I’ve got neighbours to respect. He crows again… And again.

I panick as doors open and close along the corridor. I throw my duvet over him, then both pillows and bed sheet too. He goes silent. Thank god!

When the coast is clear I take him for a quick walk 🙂

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