Fritada de Chancho

A true Ecuadorean speciality. Enjoy with friends and all the family.

Preperation Time: 1/2 day

–   Pig: anywhere from 50-150kg should do.
–   Spices: onion, garlic, cumin, salt are a perfect combo.
–   On the side: Plantain and Mote
–   2L Canola oil

When the pig arrives it’s time to work.

1) Peel back the skin, cut out the entrails and drain the blood (an old bottle will do to scoop out the blood once entrails have been removed).

Note: The skin will make a tasty snack as you work: serve with salt and eat raw.

2) Cut the fat away in long strips the length of the pig, this will be the outer 2-4cm. You’ll find it easier if the pig is suspended.



3) With machete in hand remove the limbs, then cut the ribs away, and break spine in 3. You should be left with just the head, put this to one side for now, its quite fiddly and we’ve got work to do!

4) Stoke the fire, you’ll need lots of wood to keep cooking for several hours.




5) Cut the strips of fat into small squares and the meat as well (few centimetres wide). This is a job for several people.

6) Meanwhile chop onion and garlic until fine, then mix in cumin and salt with several spoons water (if you have access to a food processor all the better!) you need approx 1kg to flavour the meat.




7) Throw meat, fat and spice, into a very large cauldron then add 10l water and stir over the fire.

8) Leave to simmer, let the flavours infuse and watch the meat cook slow. After a few hours the water should have evaporated and the meat will be simmering in its own cocktail of fats and juices. Add 2L canola oil to help.

9) Keep cooking till crisp and golden brown. Then drain the oil and serve.


Enjoy the feast with fried plantain and mote. Serve with chicha or cold beer and enjoy.



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