Trek to the Altar

Listen to the glacier rumble. Listen to it crackle and shift and sag. Watch the wind whip snow from the peaks, and mist pour through the jagged summits that ring this crater. At the heart of this mountain the Laguna Amarilla lies still and peaceful. This is Sangay National Park in all its beauty and mystery.


Legend has it this was Ecuadors tallest mountain until a violent eruption dessimated the summit leaving 9 peaks surrounding the yellow laguna. The tallest of these peaks ‘El Obispo’ stands at some 5300m and offers Ecuadors finest climbing.


The trek to the crater takes 5-7houres from the town of Candelaria. Accomodation is available close to the crater at the Hacienda Refuge ($12/night) but if you have the gear camping in the crater is definitely worth it. It’s more than likely you’ll have the mountain to yourself and with clear skies the view is truly breathtaking.

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