Laguna Condor Cocha – 17,000ft

Nestled in the heart of Chimborazo nature reserve the Laguna perfectly reflects the mist shrouded peak of Chimborazo. The glacier crackles in the distance and vicuña roam freely in the reserve. Both beautiful and mysterious it’s definitely worth a visit!

Hike up to the Laguna Condor Cocha (5100m) and see the mountain in all its majesty, or if your brave follow the path up to the glacier! You can camp anywhere, I’d recommend by the Laguna but wrap up warm.

From Riobamba catch the bus to Guaranda ($2.50). Once the bus leaves ask them to drop you of at Chimborazo – don’t ask before the bus leaves because they’ll say no! Buses leave hourly.

Vicuña Roam freely in the reserve
The Beautiful Andean Wolf Patrolling in Chimborazo


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