The Andean Speciality – Cuy Frito

Reserved for fiestas and celebrations this is Ecuadors signature dish and a treat for all the family.

Preparation Time: 1.5 hours

Cooking Time: 30mins

–   1 large Guinea pig (5months old should do)
–   100ml Canola Oil


1) Choose your Guinnea Pig. You want a firm hold on his head and body, close your eyes, count to 3 and SNAP! If you didn’t kill it first time round, try again.




2) Now drain the blood, a quick cut to the throat will do the trick and then just hold the Guinnea pig upside down for a few minutes?




3) Next remove the fur: first dip the animal in boiling water then pull the fur off as quickly as possible – careful not to burn yourself! Any little bits of fur remaining burn off over fire or gas cooker.





4) Now remove the insides, everything goes except heart and liver.

5) Then cut the animal into 4/5 portions.



6) Boil for 10mins then fry till golden brown and crispy.

Alternatively: marinade over night and give it the full oven roast the next day (we did both).

Serve with fresh mountain potatoes, choclo, rice or plantain and enjoy with a little Chicha de Manzana.

Fry till golden brown and enjoy the feast
Enjoy with friends and family

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